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CHF 250.00

Nr.: 7621

Trendy Crab Charm in Silver 925 with a yellow-orange Trillion cut Turmaline 0.35ct.

"Ocean xxy" opens a dreamy colorful galaxy of exquisite gemstones in shimmering shades of blues and greens. The everlasting stones sparkle like dancing waves in the sunlight and embody the infinity of the sea. In combination with the complementary colors pink or orange, the glamorous jewelry creates an exciting tension similar to a sunset over the sea from which you can’t draw away your eyes. The exclusive masterpieces are inspired by unique underwater creatures: colorful seahorses, octopuses, crabs and fish invite everybody to express their own dazzling individuality free from time and gender.

This year, Lesunja shows her treasures made of the finest materials together with her own fashion creations. The designer has created pieces with the finest fabrics from Paris and perfectly coordinated the looks with the color theme of her jewelry collection. At the presentation of her cocktail and evening dresses made of flowing fabrics in black, blue and pink tones as well as three men`s outfits, the sexes mix on the catwalk and raise the issue of gender neutrality of the sea as well as in society.
Nr.  7621