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CHF 11000.00

Delivery time: Immediately Nr.: 7478

Pendant in yellow gold 18kt 750 with Ceruleite Oval/ Cabochon 25.87ct
Diamonds 0.63ct Twsi

Every creation of Lesunja`s "Jet Set" is made for a big performance in which the wearer puts herself unforgettably in the limelight. The designs are as emotional and significant as an evening on the red carpet. They are all a tribute to the jet-set life everyone dreams of.

In her self-designed collection Lesunja combines the characters of the most fascinating and trendiest places in the world: the jeweller presents unique pieces inspired by nine destinations of the jet set - the perfect travel destinations for elegant jewellery that glamorizes people just as much as the iconic sights adorn cities.
Nr.  7478