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Delivery time: Immediately Nr.: 7272

Noble ring in pink gold 750 18Kt. with a pink opal 7.5ct. and 68 diamonds 0.5ct. TWSI

Ring size: 53.5

Join us on a world tour with spectacular outfits and unique pieces - handcrafted from the finest materials. The exclusive pieces of jewellery made of gold and precious stones underline the beauty of unique women and tell their memories of special moments.

Every creation of Lesunja`s "Jet Set" is made for a big performance, in which the wearer puts herself unforgettably in the limelight. The designs are as emotional and significant as an evening on the red carpet. They are all a tribute to the jet-set life everyone dreams of.

In her self-designed collection Lesunja combines the characters of the most fascinating and trendiest places in the world: the jeweller presents unique pieces inspired by nine destinations of the jet set - the perfect travel destinations for elegant jewellery that glamorises people just as much as the iconic sights adorn the cities.
Nr.  7272